PMA kadumine paksus t CFAO või kõrge P02 korral tuleneb peamiselt suure koguse CoFe oksiidide moodustumisest, mis on toatemperatuuril superparamagnetilised, kuid mis on madalatel temperatuuridel magnetilised. Mis puudutab proovi, mille vahepealne CFAO paksus oli 2, 8 nm, ei toimu kaheastmelist lülitusnähtust. Seetõttu on madalatel temperatuuridel pehmed magnetilised CoFe ja kõvad magnetilised CoFe oksiidid vahetult seotud, käitudes nagu üksik magnet. Pretsessioonisignaalid θ k on hästi varustatud eksponentsiaalselt summutatud sinusoidse funktsiooniga

Nesvorny, David; Carruba, Valerio; Vokrouhlicky, David The Karin family formed by a collisional breakup of a ~km parent asteroid only 5. The young age can be demonstrated by numerically integrating the orbits of Karin family members backward in time and showing the convergence of orbital elements.

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Previous work has pointed out that the convergence is not ideal if the backward integration only accounts for the gravitational risti valus spin from the Solar System planets. It improves when the thermal radiation force known as the Yarkovsky effect is accounted for. This method can be used to estimate the spin obliquities of Karin family members.

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The measured magnitude of the effect is consistent with the standard YORP model. The surface thermal conductivity is found to be 0.

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These results are consistent with surfaces composed of rough and rocky regolith. The obliquity values predicted here for members of the Karin cluster can be validated by the lightcurve inversion method. In broader context, the bimodal distribution of obliquities in the Karin cluster can be thought as an initial stage of dynamical evolution that later leads to a characteristically bi-lobed distribution of family members in the semimajor axis e.

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